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Dr. Sanjay Rana

Dr. Sanjay Rana

Chairman, Aqua Foundation

Dr. Sanjay Rana is a geophysicist by profession. He has been working in the field of engineering geophysics for last 30 years. Dr Rana graduated in 1990 from University of Roorkee, now IIT Roorkee, in M Tech (Applied Geophysics), as Gold Medalist. Dr Rana started his career with UP State Government and also worked briefly as Scientist ‘C’ with Department of Atomic Energy. He became an entrepreneur in 1995, starting first ever engineering geophysics company in private sector in India. He presently is Chairman AF Academy & Managing Director, PARSAN, an engineering geophysics company.

He has been instrumental in starting full-fledged operations in private sector providing services like seismic refraction, ground penetrating radar, electrical tomography, seismic tomography, Microgravity, magnetic etc. He has carried out geophysical investigations for more than 2000 projects including projects in India, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Bhutan, Kuwait etc.

Dr. Rana has been instrumental in bringing various technologies in India including Ground Penetrating Radar, High Resolution Tomography, Dam Geophysics and Passive Seismic Tomography etc. He is member of various working committees for development of Code of Practices and Standards, including IRC.

Dr. Rana pioneered use of Dam Geophysics in India in 1998. He has extensive experience of Geophysical Investigations of Dams (Concrete, Masonry & Earthen), having completed geophysical investigations of more than 80 dams. He is also the principal author of the document ‘Guidelines on Geophysical Investigation of Dams’.